Cornish x Rock peep with 2 cloacas!

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    1 April This afternoon I bathed him up again & had to clean up his navel- it had a fragment of eggshell stuck to his feathers around & over it with feces, so I soaked it down & scissored off the fluff there and around his poopers to try and help him (yes, I think he's a cockerel since he is much less feathered than his 'sisters' and favors his 'brothers' just smaller by half!) to stay clean. I also greased him up with a little neosporin ointment just to be on the safe side- the navel is still open to almost 1/2 way through his epidermis the poor thing. I'm calling him "2-pooP". (Think Tu-pac LOL) 2-pooP is an active, vital chick that appears to act in every way normal to the other peeps. "Big Mama" has taken them out on the yard for the first time today to explore the Spring world-- it is finally a pleasant day again. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself. I do hope he lives at least to his time as a broiler... if he's really a genetic anomaly, maybe he'll stick around for a minute. I know he won't last long like my heritage breeds- he's a freak of a production strain!
    Now, PLEASE, that you can see this is real, can someone?, anyone?, please please help me with this- what causes this, what is his prognosis?
    Thank YOU.

    Respectfully yours,
    Jen P & the Pack with 2-pooP trying to stay clean for now
    PS- sorry the picture isn't great! It's a small behind to photograph, and I only have my 2G cellphone for the moment. Makes a great 4"x6" though so maybe when he grows some I can show it better?

    I purchased a group of 20 Cornish x Rock broiler peeps on Wednesday, and all seemed to be going along fine, all have fat, full crops & normal poopies. But- today I noticed I had a chick with pasty butt. I never in all the peeps I have raised had ONE cases of pasty butt! So, I carried him/her into the house & washed up its bottom to release the dried feces, and what do I see? TWO POOPERS! YES, that's right! 2 exit holes are on this little guy or gal; each about half-sized, and orientated symmetrically left & right of the midline.
    What is a long-term prognosis for this peep, does anyone know? Has anyone ever had a chick with this problem? Hey, I just want it to make at least 6 weeks, so I can get at least some use of him as a "cornish hen"
    Currently he/she is eating well and keeping a fat crop with all my other peeps; unfortunately, this affected chick is only about 2/3 the size of it's 'nest' mates I brought home all at the same time. All 19 other chicks are normal, thank God!
    Is this a common mutation/birth/genetic defect? If so, what causes it?
    Any input?


    Jen P, the Pack & our flock
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    I don't know much about what might happen, but it sounds to me like this is just a birth defect. Something kind of akin to when a cat is born with the partial genitalia of both genders, and is therefor sterile. When you mentioned that the two cloacae are both half the size of a normal chute, it makes me think that a little bit of extra tissue must have developed across part of the opening, so you now have this interesting Y-shaped chute. It's just a fluke, and if the chick seems to be doing fine, I wouldn't worry too much. You just might need to clean his bum off a little more.
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