Cornish X with GREEN leg injury - can we still eat this bird?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by cassiadawn, May 31, 2010.

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    I went out this morning to let the Nuggets (Cornish X) out of the tractor to free-range today, and the last chicken out of the tractor was limping. He wasn't putting any weight on his left foot, and once he was out he sat himself down and started eating grass while seated. On closer examination his foot looks swollen, and green.


    I suspect he got his foot stuck in the tractor while it was being moved at some point. The leg doesn't seem to bother him much as long as he's not trying to walk on it - he's alert and still plenty interested in food. For the moment I have him sequestered in a box with food and aspirin-laced water, but he's definitely destined for the big coop in the sky quite soon.

    My question is, does anyone know what that green color is? I know it's not grass staining (someone gave me a tip that rubbing alcohol on a swab rubbed o nthe foot would turn green if it was grass stains). I'm worried that it might be gangrene (I tried doing a search for gangrene, but the images were very disturbing!) or something else nasty enough to render the meat inedible. I'm just trying to determine if I should be processing or disposing of him once we put him out of his misery?
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    [​IMG] Well I hope someone has a good answer... I tried googling it and the best I come up with is it may be infected and some antibiotics might help... I hate to give you useless advice but maybe someone else has had the same problem. Sorry if I wasn't much help [​IMG]
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    Just a thought here, if the leg is bruised, and the skin is yellow/orange, could that make it look green? (blue x yellow=green)
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    It does look like an injury by the scrape on the top of the foot. If it is a closed injury (as it appears) it shouldn't turn green. I suspect there many be a secondary injury or infection. Check the bottom of the foot for an open wound or bumble foot.

    The following link has pictures of bumble foot in chickens. That could be causing the green coloration.

    can be treated and all cleared up in time for the trip to freezer camp outing.

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