Coronation/Light SUSSEX Started Chicks


11 Years
Jun 11, 2008
This auction is *1 RARE* Coronation Recessive (Split) Light Sussex Started 4 week old chicks. Here is a great opportunity to obtain this rare and beautiful breed of Sussex.

RevolutionMama Ranch Coronation stock come from championship stock from Paul Bradshaw of Greenfire Farms in Florida. Our Light Sussex are rom some of the best bloodlines there offered: Bradshaw, Grisham, Dingle, Ron Presley. We have sought out diverse Light Sussex bloodlines to reduce inbreeding and we're getting robust, healthy birds and fantastic results.
None of RevolutionMama Ranch birds are hatchery stock. All are from excellent quality breeders- expensive, wonderful birds! We take pride in preservation of heritage breeds and maintaining genetic strengths while adding new genetic lines for diversity. We believe in keeping to the defined standards for all of our breeds. Our birds are fed a high-quality diet to produce healthy chicks for your benifit. SHIPPING WILL BE DETERMINED ON HOW MANY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY AT THE END OF THIS AUCTION. *THE FINAL SALE PRICE FOR THE 1 CHICK WILL BE THE PRICE *EACH* FOR UP TO 8 MORE CHICKS AVAILABLE AT THE FINAL PRICE WILL BE FOR EACH! SO YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO TAKE HOME 9 CHICKS!* NEW BOX FEE IS $9.89 EACH PLUS SHIPPING TO YOUR ZIP CODE. Check out more pictures of my stock at this link below. Good Luck!
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