coronation sussex hatching eggs 6+ picture inside auction

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    Feb 28, 2010
    Up for auction is 6+ coronation sussex hatching eggs. I have 2 pure coronation roosters over 5 split coro hens and 1 pure coro hen, This combination is producing approx. 50% pure coro. chicks and 50% split chicks. The hens were split to different light sussex bloodlines to reduce inbreeding. I have been having a excellent hatch rate, but I cannot promise they will hatch due to rough shipping. I have a few coronation and split chicks for sale, just email me if you would like to order chicks. The state has been out and tested our flock,"all tested neg" all the paperwork has been done, we are just waiting on the state to mail us our NPIP CERT. #
    Feel free to pm me with any questions. The eggs will ship monday.


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