Coronation Sussex info on hatch to table time

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    I originally posted this to the Coronation Sussex thread. I haven't had any response so decided to start a new thread asking the specific question that I have.

    I am very excited to talk with others who love this breed! I purchased mine in July of 2014 from Chicken Scratch Poultry. I was blessed with 1 nice looking roo and 3 hens, unfortunately a barn owl got to one of my hens and I have just two left. But I am excited to breed them and get some more. I love that they are dual purpose and they look like they will make a nice bird for the table. I am trying to find out what the time table is from hatch to table for this breed, so if anyone knows please I would love to find out. We do not want to do the Cornish crosses and other meat birds like that. We found out that the Delaware's were the king of this till the Cornish crosses came on the scene. The Delaware I think said reach hatch to table in 16 weeks. I bet the Coronation Sussex has to be real close to that. I had some Light Sussex roos we just butchered at 7 months old. Very nice, but not as big as my Coronation roo. Anyway I would love info, so please help if you can.
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    Most dual purpose birds are ready around 18-20 weeks. I'd imagine these would be right in line with that. If they're particularly large, you could take them earlier, say 16 weeks. The nice thing about hatching your own is you usually have plenty of cockerels to experiment with [​IMG]

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