Coronavirus, Covid 19 Discussion and How It Has Affected Your Daily Life Chat Thread


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just something interesting.
Given the trimmed beard and clothing- doubt that the first man pictured was Amish. The Lancaster Amish run a weekly market here - they all were/are masked. As far as avoiding government, they vote and are politically aware.
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Dec 27, 2020
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I personally called a poison control center with the ingredients to the vaccine and they told me that this stuff can kill you. Notice my hesidency
If ya eat it, yeah. If ya OD on it, also yeah. Broccoli is good for you but if you inject it into your bloodstream you’ll die. ;)

I think it’s time for me to unwatch this thread. It’s devolved from “Covid has made it hard to go to the grocery store” into conspiracy theories punctuated with reality. Not my cuppa ☕️ . Doesn’t it get exhausting at some point, keeping up with other people’s stupidity when one can just focus on how they can keep themselves and their loved ones safe and not make a big stink about everyone else? I think people should get vaccinated, and I support vaccine mandates with exceptions for medical issues, but I also think people need to mind their $!#@ business.

That’s my crotchety thought of the day. Hope y’all stay safe, healthy, and sane. Wear ya mask.

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