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I'm not able to get down them like this,which means I am not able to get food. I only have a gas station to get what they call food at a very high price.
Went into our general dollar one day a couple of months ago with empty shelves and some ilses like this. I went up to a gal working there. She said that they didn't have enough workers, people were quitting. They were only being paid 7.25 an hour! Our minimum wage. There are fast food and restaurants hiring for 15 an HR. because people have quit those jobs due to how they are being treated. It's a crazy world right now. We see ..Now hiring.. signs up everywhere. So folks that are being paid a whole lot less, like the dollar stores, are heading to either serve or do dishes for double the money. Hope they can handle the nasty rude people. This covid has changed so many things, including people. I worked in the restaurant business back in the 70' and 80's. I didn't have to deal with some of the crap I'm seeing today!! Privileged. People think they're privileged. Let's be kind and understanding to those trying their hardest in their jobs. They're trying to live their lives through this muddled, covid filled world. Then there are folks like you STACEYH. Trying your best to get through this mess of a world with your situation. I have a son in a wheelchair. No way he could get through there! Looks like they are lacking workers too. Maybe try talking with the manager there and suggest they only bring out one tray at a time on an Isle. Tell them there are many like you needing food and can't get to it. Let's just hope you don't get..snapped at. ♥️ I had a woman over the phone from my Drs office, mildly snap at me. I had to stop for a second and wonder if I had said something rude. I hadn't. But I changed her tune to by thanking her, and calling her...hun. 😁 It was 4:45. The end of her shift. Must have been a long day. I hear that they get it rough when folks can't get the meds they!

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