Coryza, Abscess, or Something Else?

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    A few days ago my father-in-law brought over a pair of bantams (not sure of age or breed, maybe OEG or Japanese) that were abandoned on his rental property, locked in a barn with no food or water. He discovered them shortly after the tenant vacated, so they were in good shape, healthy looking and alert.
    I wasn't able to closely examine them until today, however. I noticed that the hen had what appeared to be an rather large orangish-yellow "booger" in her left nostril and a slight swelling between that nostril and her comb. While attempting to remove the "booger" I compressed the swollen area, causing a fair amount of grainy pus to come out of the nostril. (also orangish-yellow, looking very much like clumps of grated Parmesan) It was unpleasantly smelly, but not overpowering, you had to be fairly close to smell it. I continued to drain it until I got nothing but pale straw colored fluid and very small amount of blood.
    She has no other apparent symptoms. She is not coughing, sneezing, or wheezing. She doesn't have any discharge from her eyes. Her poo is normal, she's eating/drinking, and seems to be quite well. I have started her and the roo on tetracycline (that's all I had on hand) and have kept them segregated. (or so I thought, until I discovered a few of my nosiest buff orps surrounding their pen checking them out)
    So what do you think I should do? Should I just keep it draining and continue the tetracycline, or order the coryza vaccine and antibiotic (and which one, I have seen people using Gallimycin, Tylan, Sulmet, Baytril) for everyone, or .... gulp, cull? Should I try a different antibiotic on her? I'm trying not to panic, but I'm really worried, especially for my lav orp babies! (thankfully still in the brooder in the house!) I really appreciate any advice!

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