Coryza diease

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    I have an outbreak of Coryza and I am not able to find out if the loss of production will be permenate, or only while symptoms are present. Can anyone help with that?? I know I'll have to replace the whole flock to get rid of it, but should I wait untill the current young hens are past the 2nd laying cycle, or will the production be so low that I should start over with clean chicks now?? Thanks....stan
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  3. tigercreek

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    Thanks for the reply Lydia! My hens are over the worst it seems, and I must not have had as bad an infection as the one in the link you gave. I have not lost any birds yet, but still have one that is in bad shape. I have found lots of info thruogh Google search, but I am not sure of the long term effects on egg production.......stan
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    Coryza (in my experience) only seems to slow production during the corse of the illness. Aftermine recovered, I did not notice a change in laying.

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