Coryza Vaccinations...Here We Go......

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    Due to the coryza incident of last summer it will be neccessay to vaccinate all my new little chicks.
    My question: When vaccinating for coryza, does that make the chicken a possible carrier/shedder of the virus too?

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    Not entirely sure of that, but if you have had Coryza in the flock, you have carriers and probably have little choice. Depends on the type vaccine, I think, but I'm sure someone else will know.

    Found this info:

    Vaccination against Infectious Coryza
    Infectious Coryza vaccination programs will not stop the birds from being infected. Moreover, they lessen the signs of the disease
    and dramatically reduce shedding and spreading of the bacteria.Vaccination programs for layers and breeders usually consist of a two-dose regime.
    First vaccination, from 6 to 8 weeks of age (but sometimes as early as 4 weeks) protects pullets against the symptoms of Coryza
    infections in rearing facilities, but mainly function more as a primer for a second vaccination, 6–8 weeks later.
    For these early vaccinations, poultry producers prefer the aluminum hydroxide-based vaccines, due to the minimal local reaction
    around the injected site. This reduces the chances of stressing the pullets at such an important period of feed intake and proper
    carcass development.
    A good vaccination program with a good primer and booster should provide long–lasting protection.

    From this site:
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