Cost of a breeder quality wyandotte?


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Oct 10, 2010
Grayson, KY
Newbie here:) I plan on starting a flock of golden laced wyandottes. I was wondering what a 1-2 year old breeder quality rooster and 3 or 4 1-2 year old hens would cost.
if you have any idea, please let me know, as I am going to the Ohio National this year and am hoping to find some. Thanx

P.S. I am new here and if this subject is posted in the wrong topic don't hesitate to let me know:D
You are in Kentucky and that puts you within reasonable distance of some darn good birds, check Foleyswaterfowl It really doesnt matter how much you pay for them it will be worth it to get you started. I paid 10 each I beleive for 24 (minimum order) day old chicks. They are finally turning into layers but would have been much ahead to pay hundred for a pair or more and had my start from jump street.

Just my opinon. You could ask a much better question and that is where are the good ones and will they offer them to me. Price is nearly immaterial in this discussion

On the other hand not sure Foley has golden You will look long and hard for good ones in that variety
depends on who you buy them from and what they charge I guess...... we don't have GLWs, but we live about 12 miles from Grayson county if that is where you are.
Do ask questions before buying your GLWs because there are breeders selling the black laced BLRWs as GLWs. Not the same bird. We don't mind selling breeder quality birds because there could be one thing keeping us from showing them like mossy feathers, wing color....etc, but you can get some really nice chicks from breeder quality if the bloodline is there. As far as price, a hen that is pushing 5 years old I wouldn't pay much for.

ETA Rick does have some awesome birds, not sure he has GLWs. You should take a trip to the Ohio Nationals this year in Nov. They are hosting the Wyandotte Nationals and i am sure there will be GLWs there.
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I don't think Rick has GLW, but boy he has some lovely SLW! If you go to the wyandotte club page, they have pictures up of some of the national winners.
I doubt you will find any GLW at Columbus....I havent seen a good pair of Large Fowl at the shows in 4-5 years. I think Duane Urch would be your best shot at finding decent GLW....

It also depends on where you get them. Different breeders sale their birds at different prices because what they consider to be BQ is something totally different from another breeder. Most breeders (most established breeders I should say) will not sale a bird if it is something they themselves will not breed from or have in their flock. Then on the other side of things, alot of breeders have SQ(I use that term loosely) stock but do not show themselves and will sale a bird as BQ because it has a few minor things wrong with it that a SQ bird wouldnt have like wrong eye color, poor feather quality, bad coloring, etc. So it really depends on where the birds are coming from and who considers what to be BQ. Some people might charge $10 each and others might charge up to $50, depends solely on the breeder.


Edit: BTW, welcome to BYC. Come in and join the rest of us crazy chicken people and make yourself at home. Nice to see another fellow Kentuckian around the board.
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Personally, I'd get some Golden Laced wyandottes from Duane Urch and then get some Silver Laced to cross into them to help type. Also in my opinion breeders are far more valuable then a grand champion show bird. Although occasionally they can be the one and the same. I would spend a $100 on a bird (maybe more) if I thought it would help to bring in something into my line I just can't get from my current line (i.e. better eye color), whereas I wouldn't spend $25 on a show bird if it can't help my breeding. It may look nice, but it's of no use to me. I do want to clarify the above statement that I wouldn't just go out and by breeders to improve my birds every year. I'm talking traits I want to see in my line that I can not possibly get through breeding what I currently have. So it would be an outcross every once in a great great while, if ever, and not a common occurrence.

It just all depends on age and quality. Good luck finding someone to sell you those extra hens though. I just bought a couple pair from the Foley's (who are wonderful to deal with, can't say enough good things about them). A 4-5 month old pair of Silver Laced was $80 and about a 10-12 week old pair of BLR was $50. For the quality, I think that is reasonable for young birds since when I grow out chicks I keep maybe 1 in 10 or so. The last decent Gold Laced rooster I saw went for about $275. I haven't seen any decent Gold Laced hens in awhile.

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