Cost of buying a homemade styrofoam incubator?


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May 26, 2010
What would be a reasonable price to pay for a homemade 30 qt. styrofoam incubator? Don't need instructions on how to make one etc, just how much one would sell for, say on Craigslist.


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Jul 30, 2009
Charlotte, NC Area
I think it would depend on a lot of factors. First, what hardware is being used? Does it have a thermostat? What kind? How is the humidity controlled? Can it be used with an auto-turner? How well does it hold temps? Has it hatched any eggs and how well did they hatch?

Then of course it would depend on your market.

I'd be surprised if you could bring more than $25 for a basic styrofoam homemade incubator, and even that might be a bit stiff--I've seen someone trying to sell a Little Giant NIB for $25 without success on craigslist.

But of course it depends on all those factors above. If it's made with a very nice cooler, nice thermostat, and has a proven history, then you might be able to get a bit more. But keep in mind that your market is a very small one, so it might take a while to sell.

I don't think anyone gets rich off making incubators, except maybe GQF & Brinsea. And then only because they sell in enormous quantities.

I don't know if that helps at all, but I thought I'd put in a couple cents anyway.


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Jan 12, 2010
chesapeake Va.
it might depend on how much how well they boilt it but at most I would only give offer 15-20 dollars I just bought a hover bator for $25 it works like a champ holds temp and humidity really well

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