Cost of Flemish giants.

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    How much would you say it costs to keep 1 or 2 flemish giant bunnies? per month or so...[​IMG]
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    Depends on your local resources. We have 4 medium sized house rabbits, so lets say they equal 2 larger bunnies. Rabbits need daily quality hay and pellets, plus veggies. We purchase our pellets by the 50 lbs, $15.00 which lasts a month easy. Hay we purchase from local farmers, $10.00 per month for quality hay. Veggies we grow our selves in season, out of season it maybe $3 a week by buying what's on sell.
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    I have two Flemish and its pretty cheap to keep them, a 20 lb bag of feed lasts a month or more and hay is inexpensive- I buy one bale at a time and that lasts for ages. It also depends if they are fed exclusively pellets and grain and veg or if they are allowed to forage a little. Mine are let out almost daily and they do their own thing finding grass and roots and whatever else they find to eat. So it really depends....What gets expensive is when they develop issues. My buck when I got him (for free mind you) had a bad ear infection , that was $150 at least, then had a fecal positive for giardia so that was treated for another $100 then just recently got fixed $150.... That's where it can get pricey...
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    Thank you SO much for replying!! :D
    I can get hay for about $6 a bale and a 50lb sack of feed for $15... Maybe i will end up getting 2 instead of one ,')

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