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    Mar 20, 2016
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    So earlier this week I was at Costco and they had a coop for 183.00 and I know I've posted some stuff about tsc coops and a bunch of people told me to build me own but that's the best deal I've seen for a pre made chicken coop and my family is still not really into the hole build your own thing. It felt sturdy ,looked easy to clean,predator proof, the run was a little small but our birds will be taken out several hours a day and we can always build an additional run to go a long with it ,but there was one tiny or more major flaw in it. It doesn't have any really ventilation except the door and some spaces in between the roof and nesting boxes that if we have them in our coop we will be selling them up. My sister insist that the chickens will be fine but I've read a lot about ventilation and how it helps the birds and keeps them from smelling and getting diseases. She says all we need to do is drill some holes in it and will be fine. I said that we will probably need to cut out two rectangles and put hard wire cloth in it but I'm worried that will that will affect the coop's structure. Any suggestions on what to do? I'll try to post a pick latter, if that helps. Thanks!

    P.S I live in Middle Tn if that helps.

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