Cotornix from the Supermarket!


May 18, 2019
Northern Florida
Well, I purchased 3 dozen Cotornix Quail eggs from the grocer and they're in a Little Giant bator now on day #7. Out of all of them: one embryo is noted tumblesaulting around, a perfect airsac and lovely red veining.
I am happy even one was fertile! Now the worrying for the remaining portion of incubation. Gosh, the veining looks real good. So, I am hoping it will be a healthy grow. Always wanted to get the fully auto bator, but alas, way out of my finances. That said, I have been turning and rotating I guess about 8 or so times per day. I think I should keep the other eggs in, just in case I am missing something and candling is so difficult. The Giant is behaving and also have 3 different hydrometers and 3 temperature guages....none of them really match up too well though, but one thermometer is a cooking analog and that seems right on the money as well as the hydrometer I got from Walmart which is one of those digitals to read for the home. Also, sticking hand into bator, just feels right as I have practiced with the bator much now with many dry runs.
Gosh I hope she makes it. Is it a mother instinct that makes so much for the little chick to make it or is it that artificial incubation and all the work involved makes you want to succeed so badly? :popProbably both, but it is just so strange to become attached lovingly to just an egg with a little bird growing in it.:love lol
Yes, that is what is used. I have other lights too, but seems the phone has the best. I may have to invest in Brinsea's high intensity candler, but it is a bit pricey and must wait a bit to get that.
Any small flash light that is at least 500 lumens should do the trick. I find that I can see better in the first few days with my flash light but after the first few days my phone works better.

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