Cottage Hill Wheaton Marans Flock sale NORTH CENTRAL FL.


11 Years
Oct 25, 2008
Branford Fl
We have up for sale our entire stock of Wheaton Marans. Our stock is from Cottage Hill lines. These are NOT Hatchery birds we have breed and worked on our birds for over 2 years what we have is the best of the best that WE have hatched. We have 15 total birds for sale 3 Roosters and 12 Hens you may purchase the whole lot or 5 at a time 1 Roo with 4 hens. The price on 1 roo and 4 hens is 100. or the whole flock for 270. Please do your research on these birds before you look away you will find out very quickly you can not purchase these just anywhere from Heritage lines. We have more pictures upon request. Keep in mind you are purchasing over 2 years of breeding, hatching, culling, We have lost interest in this majestic breed and want to consolidate down. Reason for selling is we have this breed and Light Sussex we want to devote more time in the perfecting of our Sussex lines and in order to do so we need the extra breeding pens this will give us without having to build way more. This decision has not come easy for us so please you may make an offer but do not try to low ball. We know what we have is worth way more than what the asking price is. Again if you would like more pictures I can email them to you. Will NOT ship Local pick up ONLY we are in North central Fl. May Arrange to meet. You may email me at [email protected]
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Can I see some of the recent eggs they've laid?
If I were to buy a roo & 4 hens what is the approximate age of the group?
Pm'd You. I will try to post them on here tomorrow. If not I will for sure get them Pm'd to you.
Nice birds and eggs. We have Wheaten Marans of Bev Davis and Cottage Hill lines and we are very happy with our Wheaten Marans and are continuing to work with them. Your price is very fair as well.

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