Coturnix chicks outside at < 1 week?


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May 29, 2007
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Its hot during the days, would need a light for nights or brought back in.

Im worried about cocci and such at such a small/young age, non-medicated feed.

I really want to go put em out for a bit while I clean out the brooder right now . . .
They would be on the ground.

Too risky???
Well, they are outside.

They love the sun.
I gave them a tray of dirt and they went wild with dusting and pecking.

I did not put them on the ground, they are in an old rabbit cage with a tray bottom.

If this heat keeps up, they gonna be outside for good at 2 weeks old . . .
Most people that own coturnix never put them on the ground. There is really no reason to, and it helps keep them from contracting any diseases. I wouldn't put them outside for good until they are at least 3 weeks old, and then only if you have someplace to put them where they have shelter from the elements and absolutely no chance of getting wet.

If you need to clean their brooder, put them in a box or something while you are doing so, don't put them on the ground at such a tender age.
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Its way different here in southern California, I mean in a good day we get 96F but thats in a good day which is rare now, most other days its 100 to 107, and at night it doesnt gets below 70. In my opinion i think they'll be fine outside at a young age, Im moving my 2 week old bobwhites outside tomorrow, Im justwaiting to get my new quail pen home, and at night I will put a brooder light on them.
We have temps in the high 90s now, and I still won't put them out until they are 3 weeks old. In a brooder, the temps are stable, outside (with no source of heat other than the outside temps) the temps would be too variable. But to each their own.
I'm With Shelley On This 1... The Slightest Lil Problem And They're Gone Before 3 Wks Of Age. Personally I Dont Risk It--- The Resultant Headache Is Way More Toll Than I Wanna Pay.
Also Hector I Gotta Tell Ya.... There's A World Of Difference Between Bobs And Coturnix---- Bobs Are Way More Cold Sensitive And Huddle 10x's Sooner Than Coturnix.
My wife and I have been raising Jumbo Brown Coturnix (a.k.a. Pharoah) for the past 4 years. We start incubating in April and hatching at the end of that month. After removing them from the incubator we place them in a home-made brooder (14" x 28" x 20") plastic tub with window screen on the top and a 60 watt light on a wooden frame), once they start growing their wing and tail feathers (1 week) they go outside to a lighted cage w 1/2 mesh wiring 30"L x 14"W x 18"H. We have 3 wire mesh cages of varying sizes to accomodate young chicks, juveniles and adult birds. All cages are built off the ground for easy clean up and to protect them from predators. The heighth of the cages is set to allow easy handling of the birds.

The brooder will accomodate approximately 40 birds which must be cleaned at least daily if not twice a day.
We place hay in the back portion of their cage and put their food and water on the outer portion of the cage.

We have not lost a single bird with this method.

Once they are juveniles the light is removed (depending on exterior temperatures)

These are nice gentle birds with a neat call, and very enjoyable to raise.
They have been outside since this thread was posted, and no losses.
My Jumbo Browns have been out since they were barely 1 week. Heat light, drop tarp to keep the wind off or in case it rains and they're cage is hanging under a carport type roof. But the night time temps have been in the 80's so now they are 2 weeks + I'm about to just give them a small light, for just in case. Last two nights they've been staying away from the light when I check on them around 11:30P.M.

I sure won't do this in the spring but with these temps, so far so good. They are handling the day time 100-105 heat index with 86% humidity just fine.

You people didn't warn us how much these little guys can put away. 74 birds have almost gone through their first 50# of food at just under 3 weeks old. They were out of food this morning. I need to put in a bigger feeder.

I really like that I literally get to see them grow from morning till night. If you blink you'll miss a growth surge, how cool is that?

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