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May 29, 2007
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So, my coturnix turned 6 weeks a few days ago.
The males are calling up a storm, and the females just look like they gonna lay any minute . . .

I know they are mature in 6 weeks, start laying in 7 . . .
When can I start expecting fertile eggs, how soon after all this?

I need to start mass-producing these birds . . .
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some of mine started laying @ 5 1/2 weeks it has been 2 1/2-3 weeks mine are fertile every time I go back to the pen it looks like saturday night though
K, sounds good!
Im hoping that the old "post about getting eggs on BYC" theory holds true . . . I fully expect to go out there in a few minutes and see my first egg . . .

Ill let you know . . .
Went out there, no quail eggs.
But I did see a half-asss attempt at breeding from one of the bigger/louder males.
He was definately tryin, grabbing onto her neck feathers and tryin to climb on but she wasnt havin it, maybe the females need a few more days . . .
When I raised Coturnix for meat I didn't keep breeders. They started laying at 5 to 6 weeks. I incubated the eggs from the 7 to 8 week old pens. After that there were too many double and triple yolks that didn't hatch. They were butchered at 9-1/2 weeks. Tom
Coturnix mature between 4 and 12 weeks, if it is hot in your area, they might wait a while. If you have seen them breeding, you should expect eggs within a week. The males won't breed the females until they are ready. The females make a specific call when they are ready to breed.
Coturnix egg song:
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Are Both Sexes In The Same Pen? When Eggs Come They Will Likely Be Fertile..... The Only Reason I Say Likely Is Sometimes It Takes The Boys A Lil While To Get The Hang Of Things...

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