Coturnix Quail and/or Eggs Sales


Jul 26, 2016
Do any of ya'll sale your eggs or quail? I normal sale both quail and their eggs, but it seems like sales have dried up the passed month here in Alabama. Have you noticed sales dropping? If not how do you sale them? I normal run adds on craigslist, facebook and have flyers at the local feed stores. I don't do ebay or anything like that because I don't want to be shipping eggs or birds through the mail. I you have any tips or tricks that have helped you please let me know.
I use Kijiji when I sell, I don't do it often but it seems effective. I found (in Canada) quail interest dropped when it got cold in fall and up again in the spring.

There are probably also some bird breeder directory websites you can add yourself to, people can contact your info posted there :) I think I'm on Canadian breeder dot com or something, can't recall right now, under quail, got a couple of emails from there ^^

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