Coturnix quail: buy fertile eggs and incubate, or buy young hens?


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Jul 19, 2009
I thought I wanted Button Quail, but after reading some of the posts on the Quail forum here, I am attracted more to the size and coloration of the Coturnix Quail. I see that Coturnix Quail eggs are for sale on EBAY, and I wonder if I could buy eggs and incubate those, or if it's possible, to buy young Coturnix Quail locally. I live in the SF Bay Area. Anyone from the Bay Area know if there are any breeders of Coturnix Quail in this area?

Alternatively, if I get the fertile eggs, I would have to incubate. I have no experience incubating eggs: with my chickens, I got day-old chicks and raised them. Can anyone direct me to a post or resources on incubating quail eggs?


start with that, everything you need to know about coturnix. Incubating eggs is easy, especially if you have an autoturner. you won't find people shipping quail chicks as they are to fragile. either way, you'll end up buying an incubator some time soon <_<. might as well just do that.

keep temps @99.5 for forced air, 100.0 for still air. as long as temp is around there, and humidity is 40-50% until lockdown, then 60-70%, its easy enough, read thru all the stickies as well, good information in there.
Thank you! I get the sense from several directions it will be easier to order the eggs and then get an incubator and hatch them. It might be good to have an incubator anyhow, because I might end up getting more fertile quail eggs later on, too. Also I recall the delight of brooding my young chicken chicks and how much fun it was to watch the little ones grow: might be a joy to repeat that with quail.

I checked the "SUreHatch" link on this website and it seems the Model 1583 Hovabator is a reasonably priced incubator...
I'm in the SF Bay Area also looking into getting some Coturnix, though I won't have time for it for a few more months, probably. But I found these local possibilities in my research:

JJB Farms (Petaluma):

Possible? Wolfe's Quality Quail (Vallejo):'s+Quality+Quail

There was also another post of someone in Livermore selling chicks here, though the post is kind of old so they may not be selling them anymore:
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I bought two different types of cortunix eggs from ebay....currently in the bator and doing great so far as I can tell :). Have chicken eggs in with them and no probs thus far. I got all my info from the "Quail" tab with the sticky's in it on raising and colors, etc. Good luck and hope things go well !!!
when I started I tried to buy web order chicks, it didnt work out. I also ordered hatching eggs from another and some hatched.

I checked craigslist for local farmers, I traveled 100+ miles to select birds from byc member pens. I ended up starting with birds from 3 very decent farmers.

Don't paint yourself into a corner, its a buffet table. Pick and choose and then go back and refill your plate. Try again, keep going, stay humble.

So, I say do both. Gather "your" stock from several sources, cull hard, keep records, feed em good and these little birds will respond.

good luck!

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