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Discussion in 'Quail' started by bigjohn, May 10, 2009.

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    May 24, 2008
    Anyone weighed their chicks at two to four weeks old to see if they may turn out to be jumbo's? Mine are two weeks old and getting quite large, but I would like to compare weights with someone else that has jumbo birds. I never weighed my other birds when they were young since I did not have a scale at the time.

    Not sure if the weight of a chick at two weeks of age will be representative of the final weight at adulthood, but it sure seems that it would. Of course, the males should weight a bit less than the females.

    I went outside and weighed several. Texas A&M's 2.25 oz (some a bit more/others a bit less). Supposed Jumbo browns 3.25. They will be 2 weeks old Tuesday.

    Not sure if this is normal, average, or above average for that age.
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    Quote:Honestly so far my jumbo roos have been bigger than my jumbo hens (the majority). [​IMG]

    I will weigh my chicks for ya and get back to ya on this [​IMG] (my jumbos). [​IMG]

    One of my 2 week olds

    1 oz 3/4

    One of my 4 week old hens

    6 oz 3/4
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