Coturnix Quail Costs for me so far since October 08' to now

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    Just out of curiosity I compiled together all of my costs so far (not including gas to and from breeders homes) with me starting and raising quails.

    I've been seeing a lot of people interested in raising them and im SURE theres cheaper ways to do it than I did, and deffinatly more expensive ways to do it than I did. But I thought that my "findings" may give someone a good idea and I wanted to share. [​IMG]

    *My first shipment of Coturnix Pharoah hatching eggs was $20 total only about 30 hatched outof the 150 eggs I got (several were cracked from shipping in foam cartons).

    *My second shipment of coturnix Jumbo hatching eggs was $18 total all came to me well and I hatched I think 18 of the 20.

    *Then we drove down to a breeders and picked up several different colored coturnixs (jumbos and pharoah sizes) for $60 total which came with free eggs--- I forget how many hatched, but not many because of incubator complications, I ended up with 6 birds.

    *Culled several males out of the hatching egg batches and enjoyed for dinner. [​IMG]

    Bought a 6 compartment hanging wire pen for $50 total.
    Got a free large rabbit hutch

    Spent about $40 in wire and other misc. cage items

    Adult feed so far has been around $63 worth

    Chick feed has been around $40 so far
    Bedding around $50

    This is NOT including several other things, like incubator, turner, gas as mentioned above, cleaning materials for the brooder, brooder lamps, brooder itself etc. Also not to mention that coturnix are feed wasters, and I KNOW they've more than likely wasted an amt of a complete 50lb bag of feed already lol.

    =around $341 dollars.....which in reality it was more than that so far. [​IMG]

    and so far off of my waiting lists for 20+ eggs for $20 and half of that being what I can actually take away from it. I will expect around $130.

    So that's $130 towards more quail feed, more quails, and shipping material [​IMG]

    SO! [​IMG] I KNOW it CAN be possible to make a profit off of your coturnix, but if you plan to I advise gluing yourself to to find a lot of bargains to start out in. [​IMG]

    I personally work with my birds for the joy of raising them and working with genetics AND eating their eggs and meat! [​IMG]s The reward of suppling them to others is nice too. [​IMG] I don't expect and dont see how I will be making a profit myself but to those of you who attempt it, maybe a little bit of what I've done above will give you an idea of how to make it more cost effective (im not meaning i did it cost effective i KNOW i could have found cheaper ways).

    I reccomend not using free feeding containers to feed your birds where they can kick and flick the feed out. I feed my birds directly on the ground in their main pen... however they STILL manage to kick a good deal out per week. I am considering putting about an inch to a two inch cover on the floor of their enterance into their inner shelter area so that they can't flick it out to the wire below. In my hanging pens I am planning to cover their feed with a cover and cutting a hole in the top so the coturnix can only feed out of a small hole....and since I'll only have 5 birds per pen I can see this working to help hold in feed better from these little food wasters! LOL!

    I wil be spending a good deal of money to get water bottles per pen here in the spring as I think that would make it easier during watering. [​IMG] As they LOVE to spill and bathe in their water [​IMG]

    Straight wire flooring from brooder to adult stage edits out the bedding factor but i personally like to let the babies not be on wire but that's just me so I don't mind the extra money into bedding and litter supplies.

    If you have cats....I personally benifit from having cats. Their litter containers second as water containers for the quail. I no longer use litter in the containers as I buy "stall dry" for both my quails and my great as kitty litter even if it's dusty [​IMG]. Cat food is a great added protien source (kitten food ground up daily for chicks is great, adult cat food once a week for adult quail is great too as well as other protien sources like boiled eggs and bugs).

    Well if anyone else wants to add their costs so far, and other Dos and donts that they have found share and share away! [​IMG] This is kind of a boring post but I was just thinking about costs so far and wanted to share incase it's anything interesting to anyone else [​IMG]
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    We bought quail eggs for awhile off of ebay to hatch and resell to the pet store. We would buy 100 at a time or so for pretty cheap and always had good hatches. We put little feed into them and sold them to the pet store for $10 each. I think we figured out that we spent like $1 each on them for feed, shavings and such. We did it for awhile until the egg supplier doubled the price. I think they were in Texas.

    Wanted to add that we used old horse water troughs for brooders that we got at a yard sale for like $5 because they had holes in them. We already had the waterers and lamps. We used plates for their feeders that we got for free on craigslist.
    We are the ultimate "re-users" when it comes to poultry. I love going to junk stores and yard sales and finding a good deal on something to use for poultry. We always find buckets or pots to use for some critters. Wood pallets can be found for free and the wood is used for anything and every thing. As mentioned check craigslist for good finds.
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    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    Quote:^awesome about the troughs!!!! Never thought of that! [​IMG]
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    Mind if I add mine? Mine is just a starting budget, but I have exact costs on everything, with PA taxes. [​IMG]

    Thermometer/Hygrometer - $6.86
    Brooder Light - $6.62
    Brooder Bulbs - $1.99
    Dimmer - $12.70
    Chick Starter - $16.21
    Water Base - $2.11
    5 Buttons - $10
    100+ Coturnix Eggs - $24.99

    Future Purchases
    1 doz Button Eggs - $6
    Light House (clamp lamp) - $6.62
    Light Bulbs - $1.99
    Thermometer/Hygrometer - $6.86
    Dimmer - $12.70

    I already had cages and brooder cages (20g L tanks with screen mesh lids), plus I had some bedding from the rats and mice. I'll have to buy seperate bags from this point on or figure something out, to keep it accurate.
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    Oct 5, 2008
    *cough* Here's mine. I started with 6 "free" Coturnix.

    Mates for Coturnix: $15
    Button quail: $21
    Original cages for Coturnix: free
    Cages to replace the original cages because I didn't like them: $250 for 3 stacking 3x2 parrot cages and 1 3x2 guinea pig cage.
    Cages for buttons: 7 cages for a total of $50 - Craigslist score.
    Incubator: $46
    Fan for incubator: $25
    Turner: $42
    Hatcher: $20 (Craigslist score)
    Fan for hatcher: $12 (camping fan)
    Thermometer/Hygrometers: $30
    Bedding: $16 (3 bales @ around $5.35/bale for aspen)
    Waterers: $20
    Feed dishes: $20
    Feed dishes with chick holes to replace bin feeders when quail dug all their food out of the feeder to dust bathe in: $40
    Waterers to replace dishes because dishes were disgusting: $16
    Sprout game bird crumbles: $12/50lb bag
    Organic game bird food: $15/25lb bag
    Ingredients to mix my own darn food: $100 to make a LOT of food.

    About $750 since November spent on "free" quail. [​IMG]

    However, I've made $360 selling quail eggs as food, and $100 thus far from selling quail so the original investment is paying itself off.

    Ongoing costs:
    About $300/year in feed costs
    About $120/year in bedding
    There'll be costs this spring when I build the coop and run.

    There's DEFINITELY cheaper ways to raise them for profit. My quail are spoiled rotten. I just worked out a deal yesterday with the feed mill to trade hatched two week old quail for feed and supplies, so if I can get decent organic feed I can stop grinding my own and that'll cut down the costs. I figure this year is the red year and by next year, they'll have paid off the investment in full.
  6. monarc23

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    Quote:That's awesome to hear how fast your birdies should pay themselves and the other investments towards them off! sounds like it's working well! [​IMG]
  7. spookyevilone

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    Oct 5, 2008
    Quote:I didn't plan it, it just kind of happened. Though it makes a convincing argument to That Guy when he goes, "MORE quail? Why on earth do you need MORE quail?" (Because I don't have a pair of every colour mutation yet! DUH! [​IMG] )

    OH! And I was going to tell you. My button eggs from the Dec swap? I have Tibetan coloured button quail [​IMG] My goal is to recreate my coturnix pairs with buttons and get pictures.

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