Coturnix Quail Eggs- SW- Pennsylvania

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    My one hen is laying eggs, I collected for 10 days and put the 8 she gave me in the incubator. Now the rest that she gives me for a while I am offering up.

    If you can pick up they are free.....I'll collect for up to 10 days and you can come and pick them up on the 10th. My hen seems to stop every 3rd-4th day for a day and then she starts up again. She'll be laying her first in my collection for someone else tonight.

    If you'd be intersted in them and you're too far to pick up...I'll need $10 for shipping sent out to me but it's really not to worth it to be honest, to only get like 7 eggs (since i'd have to ship out before 10 days to keep the eggs still fresh for hatching). But if you REALLY want them, I accept money orderes or cashier checks.

    the hen is a jumbo brown, the male is a normal sized Tuxedo.

    If interested PM me.

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