Coturnix Quail Hybrids

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    Thinking about breeding my Coturnix for new colors. Just curious to know if any of you have bred the following crosses and, if so, what do they look like? (Pics very appreciated, if available)

    Golden x English/Texas A&M
    Golden x Tuxedo
    Golden x Normal
    Golden x Red or Tibetan
    Tibetan x Red
    Tibetan x Normal
    Red x Normal
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  2. James Marie

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    Jun 26, 2012
    Most all colors and patterns have been developed...the newer colors and patterns we are seeing now are a result of mutations and mutations that are being crossed to older established colors and color patterns...

    In order for you to know what you are producing from crossing two colors you MUST start with stock that has not been crossed into any other colors...genetic colors can be layered into the wild type (Pharaoh) and you will never know until you try crossing it to another color...

    Colors can be fun projects if you have pure stock...if not you will get false results....if your cross results are of a different color or pattern...Do not sell this stock as anything but meat class or pet quality birds - Never breeding stock ***

    ***With Coturnix Coturnix Japonica (Japanese Quail) many people have different opinions and view points can be very strong....birds or eggs being sold as a certain color and not hatching as such causes major "STRIFE"...

    This should take you right to the link for the Quail Color Calculator

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