Coturnix quail with swollen eyes?!?

Angie Poo

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Jul 27, 2013
Parma, Idaho
I purchased 14 three week old quail just under four weeks ago. They are all housed together at the moment and I have not had the time to sex them and separate out which ones I'm keeping. This last week along with the arrival of their first eggs I have noticed a couple with swollen eyes. I have moved them to their own cage but am unsure what is going on and how I should treat them. I have been spraying it with vetricyn in the mean time.

At first I thought they were picking on each other but that does not appear to be the case. There are two that have it bad and two that are more mild which all happen to be my taxas A&M the others that are perfectly fine are jumbo Browns if that makes a difference?

They are being fed a 30% crumble along with barley fodder once a day. Fresh water 24/7 and when it's really hot I offer a waterer with ice in it. Cage is wire and wood, they have a nest box area with sand for dust baths.

Shavings in picture is a temporary home.

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Mar 2, 2014
The bird in the picture appears to have feathers missing above and behind its eye so I would think you have a pecking problem. I think you need to make the time to figure out how many rooster you have, probably way to many in one cage. Should be no problem sexing the browns at 7 weeks but the A&Ms are a pain to sex I usually catch mine crowing then put a leg band on them. You don't want but one rooster per cage with 3-6 hens or you will have problems. Or it could just be an eye infection, either way you need to get your roosters separated. Good luck with your birds.

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