Sep 29, 2019
I have a 2 yr old duck. She started coughing 3 weeks ago. The first week I believed she just was eating her scratch too dry so I stopped putting it on the ground and in a bowl with water. 2nd week I believed it was a cold so I got her poultry booster and hoped it would go away on its own. Then third week I got her Vetrx but by now the cough went from sooratic 1-3 times a day to every 10-15 minutes, sometimes hour gaps but often. She doesn’t have a sour breath, she doesn’t gasp, she isn’t lethargic, she doesn’t have booger’s or watery eyes, she doesn’t have a full crop. I started Clavamox, a antibiotic two days ago, so I’m hoping within 5 days it’ll lessen and she’ll get better. But in the meantime I feel so bad that she is coughing. I know it must hurt. What can I do? There are no clinics around that are specialized in ducks. She they are treating symptomatically and at that it’s guess work. Reading forums or books. I would love to ease the obvious irritation in her throat.

My guess is it’s pneumonia because it rained one day and the kennel she has that she can go in and hide from the rain was closed while we weren’t home. (She is indoor outdoor) so usually we just bring her inside. But during this time we were often out at work and by poor stroke of luck she had no dry cover.
Can you upload a video of what she is doing? I honestly don’t know of any cough meds you can give a duck. If you can do a video you’ll have to put it on YouTube or Vimeo then copy an paste here. I looked at Benadryl since it can be given to poultry but it doesn’t help with coughs. I wonder if a little honey might help.

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