Coughing and congeted sounding breathing

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    Jun 4, 2009
    West Linn, Oregon
    OK, so I have been reading the posts and replys about coughing chickens and the common additional symptoms...
    My birds (4 of 25 so far, 2 roos and 2 hens) have a cough, one seems to have fairly labored breathing at night and another of the 4 sound very pflegmy (sp?) in his neck/throat.
    They do not seem to have any other symptoms like crusty, weepy eyes or runny beaks. Their activity level is normal, both Roos have not lost any interest in the hens and everyone is eating normal amounts. They are between 20 and 22 weeks old, just starting to lay, although sporadic at best.
    Poos seem fairly normal given the range of foods they eat, a combo of organic feed, free range and veggies from the garden - mostly tomatos, cukes, crook neck squash and zukes. The one thing they do like to nibble on that seems odd is the tomato plant leaves. I have read here that they can be toxic...I see an occasional runny, liquid poo, but it looks like the normal range of runny and color when compared to the pics on the poo link (gotta love that!!)
    Coop and run have a mix of pine shavings and dry field grass cuttings from our front pasture - no fertilizers or pesticides used. Coop is secure and dry with good ventilation.
    I do not see any evidence of bugs or mites or worms although I have never wormed them as I am trying to keep their lifestyle/eggs completely organic and chemical free.
    We have just come through a bout of wet, warm weather after some pretty hot weather and they do go out in the wet to free range.
    Have I missed any info needed to help diagnose?? I thought I would start with adding the Organic apple cider vinegar to their water and see if that helps clear up the???? Any suggestions??
    I love this forum, there are sooo many knowledgable and helpfull chicken lovers out there! Thanks for anything!!
  2. PeepsHanginWithMe

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    Jun 4, 2009
    West Linn, Oregon
    Anyone...Please [​IMG]:bow:bow
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    I just went thru this with mine. Have 24 hens and a Roo. I am not sure how to get you to the link, but you could do a search. Not all got sick only about 10. A round of antibotics did the trick, but I keep them on 10 days instead of 7.
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    I had two near death last week with respiratory symptoms. Vet ran a lab panel and ruled out the contagious diseases that cause a chronic carrier state. They had a bacterial respiratory infection and have been treated with Ciprofloxin antibiotic, which will continue for ten days. They were given injections under the skin of fluids to reverse the severe dehydration. Both had loud, congested breathing and copious yellowish mucus. No foul smell. My OEG roo, Rocky, was given a 50/50 chance of surviving. He was on his back on the exam table with his feet in the air, not moving. You could hear him breathe from across the room.

    Improvement happened overnight after treatment started. They have one more day of antibiotics, then their week of observation in isolation begins. If all goes well, they will return to the flock and live happily ever after. Rocky is happy, active, eating, drinking, crowing, and trying to hook up with Betty, the big Copper Maran he is in isolation with. Here they are free ranging in my garden. I only keep them in pens at night. I am a softy. They look good!


    Good luck to you. When mine got sick they went south FAST. Without veterinary intervention and emergency care they would not have made it. Without the testing we would have had to consider culling the entire flock. My story has a happy ending (so far). We'll see what the week off antibiotics brings. Until then, Rocky will chase Betty around my garden and try to work his magic on her.

    I wish you well. Keep us updated. It is how we learn.


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