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    Good Evening,

    I have a rooster who has a cough. He's had it for some time now. At first, I started giving him Tylan, 5CC 2x a day for about 4 days. Unfortunately it was expired - yes, I forgot to check the date. So, I went and bought a new batch. I gave him the new one for 5 days. He seemed to be getting better. After about a week off the Tylan, he is back to his coughing.
    He seems to "gasp" to breathe. It's not as bad now as it was, but still not better. I have started the Tylan rounds again. I have been adding apple cider vinegar to their water as well.
    No one else has this cough. He walks around fine, eats, drinks and even "services" his girls. Other than the bit of difficulty breathing, he is healthy and fat.

    What else can I do for him? He's a sweet boy and I do not want to have to put him down, but I do not want him to suffer either.

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    Apr 14, 2012
    You could try Denagard or oxine AH
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    Have you noticed any respiratory symptoms such as; wheezing, sneezing, gurgling, facial swelling, head shaking, bubbly eyes? If not, the cough may be due to something stuck in his throat or crop. If this is the case, give him an eyedropperful of olive oil to swallow and gently massage his throat down to his crop. He'll either pass or puke whatever is stuck.
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    Nov 12, 2012
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    Thank you Wantbantams and dawg53 for the information.

    It FINALLY seems as Little Man is getting better. He is coughing only occasionally now, so maybe the Tylan is working? Today is the last day of his Tylan. If in a couple more days he is not completely better, or gets any worse, I will try the other medication Wantbantams suggested.
    I know there is nothing stuck in his throat as he was wheezing when he would breathe. That appears to be completely gone now. Only the occasional cough remains. If chickens are anything like humans, he may be "better" but getting all the rest of the gunk up and out. That is why I'll give him a few more days after the Tylan is finished. Not to mention, he's now fighting me when I try to give it to him - which is awesome because at first, he was soooooooo docile and that's not his nature. He's a sweet boy, but he resists being picked up and cuddled - he likes petting and talking too, but that's all.

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