Coughing, sneezing and now droopy wings?!!

Is my chicken okay?

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6 Years
Jan 28, 2015
I looked in at my easter egger Hammy whos almost 4 years old (this spring) and her mouth was alittle open and she was breathing pretty fast, shell make sounds that sound a little odd rarly and her nose and beard (easter egger beard) is alittle wet. She is molting right now so i dont know if that has something to do with it or not. My other chivkens are fine, ocasionaly i will hear a sneeze usuqly while eating their crumble food...
I had another thread alittle while wgo, maybe 2 weeks ago abiut the same chicken Hammy having some bubles in the side of one of her eyes. Many people said a respatory thing but she know seems to have a very slight bad balnce... Most people would not notice it. Her wings where alittle droopy and her crop was very full so she did that little thing where she swallows food that comes up from her very full crop.

On thanks giving i went to my uncle and aunts house who also have chickens, they have 7 and its about christmas so about a month later. There chivkens seemed healthy to me but within a week or two later i noticed more sneezing, 4-10 times A WEEK. Are the droopyish wings from molting, she seems fine when foraging as well as all my other

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