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    Jan 29, 2008
    We just bought some geese and put them in with our turkeys.The geese have been raiding the water pans and not giving ample time to the turkeys. I have added more waters and we are separating the geese today. But my turkeys now have a coughing sound that they are doing. I added antibiotics to the water today, but I want to know if this can be more serious ???Can anyone help? Please I can't lose my turkey, he is my breeder and we have already hatched the 1st turkey baby from him this year . Thanks Emma
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    Jan 27, 2007
    First off, welcome, sorry about the circumstances [​IMG]

    Please refer to sticky at the top of the subject line (`please read before posting' thread) so as to provide sufficient information for those members with expertise in these matters to apply it.

    For example: How many turkeys are there and how many are symptomatic? How long had they been penned with the geese before symptoms developed? What antibiotic are you adding and why? (Again, refer to sticky)

    Please post and I'm sure you'll get some good advice about what to do for your gobbler(s)?

    Take Care

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