Could Louise be an Easter Egger?


7 Years
Jan 29, 2012
Sparks, Maryland
Hi All.... Louise is about 14 weeks old so I am starting to count down the weeks until I find my first ever egg! How egg-citing!
This week I noticed little tuffs starting on the side of her face... and since she is a mutt I started thinking easter egger. Does anyone have any ideas of what she could be mixed with? She has a few tail feathers that are black but you can't see then so well in the picture.
Thanks for taking the time to look.
Not too much chance that she is an EE. I think that what you are calling 'tufts' are simply the feathers that cover and protect her ears.
Nah, not a 'bummer'. She's a healthy little pullet, looks like a strong buff orpington influence, who will provide you with lots of nice sized brown eggs.

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