Could my chicken have hayfever?

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  1. Fibbott

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    Aug 10, 2013
    Ok, so I posted in here a few weeks back, because my chook was sick...

    Which I think she was... However, I think part of her problem may be that she has hayfever... I mean, why not, I have chronic hayfever which destroys my Spring unless I control it with medication...

    Anyway, she had a cough and rattly chest, so we kept her inside (contained in the shower) for 5 days and gave her pentavite (childrens multi vitamin) and triple c antibiotics. We put her back out, because she was certainly better and fiesty... And lonely!

    It's taken about 2 weeks for the pecking order to resort, but she still has a sneeze and dribbly nose. This is Henrietta the Isa Brown.

    We also have Roast, who is an Australorp (which I am seriously reconsidering naming her 'The Enforcer', despite she is 3rd in charge - out of 5), and she was quite mean upon Henrietta's reintroduction. However, now, whilst she still controls what Henrietta and Acorn (4th in charge, RIR and a bit slow on the uptake) eats... but she also cleans Henrietta's nose if hay sticks to it.

    None of the other chickens have any signs of illness and are in full health...
    Therefore, I think if it was sickness, the others might catch it. They haven't.
    Henrietta no longer has a cough or rattly chest. Just s runny nose and a sneeze...

    In thinking about it, this all sort of stated when we purchased some Oaten Hay for the coop. Apparently chooks especially love this stuff... And they did... But maybe Henrietta doesn't? Could she be allergic?

    Chook hayfever... how ridiculous!?
    But, any suggestions?
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    Oct 18, 2011
    This article talks about differences between chicken and human immune systems:

    Humans have overactive immune systems compared to animals. It's believed to be due to evolutionary pressure that our ancestors faced.

    Thus, it's extremely unlikely your chickens have hayfever.

    On the other hand, respiratory infections are very common amongst birds.

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