Could my Girls be "on strike"?

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  1. Ehirning

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    May 18, 2012
    I have a flock of 16 hens who give us about 4 eggs a day (it's winter & I don't put a light in the coop).

    Recently, I acquired another 22 hens and built a separate run for them because I didn't want to integrate them right away. The new girls laid 4 eggs the first day and 1 the second! I was thinking "we're goi g to be up to our ears"! Since that second day, we only get maybe an egg a day. Could they be on strike? Could it be that the feed I use is so different that they aren't laying? I use an all organic, soy free, canola free feed. I've only had the new girls about a week and a half now. Could it be they're just getting used to their new digs and neighbors? The two runs are right next to each other and they can see each other through the fence slats.

    Thanks in advance for your help & wisdom.
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    Don't stress it. The stress of the new surroundings but even more important time of year. I have 80 birds some 1st year pullets. For the longest time I was getting a dozen a day, now up to about 3 dozen per day. Another 30 days and I expect 5-6 dozen per day.

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