Could my goat be pregnant? And what breed could she be?


9 Years
Sep 1, 2010
OK, I have a boer mix doe that is about 4 or 5 years old. She was just put in with a boer buck in February, shes been living with my two ewe sheep and a ram. I've seen the ram mount her, but is it possible shes pregnant with a sheep?! I haven't seen her come in heat since I got the new buck. I've wormed her twice because I thought maybe she had worms, once with Ivermectin and once with safe-guard for goats. I don't feed them much just a little scoop of corn once a day for a treat. I have a mixed herd of 6 goats and 3 sheep and a lamb they get a green bale of hay once a day and free choice trace mineral salt that they all love! Is it possible for a goat to carry and give birth to a sheep/goat?! Also, I was wondering if you all could help me figure out what she is mixed with!
Thank you so much!

Both pictures are thumbs, click to make larger.

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I would say if she cycled with the boer then she was not already pregnant, you might want to take her in.
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It is not possible for sheep and goats to interbreed- She may not be coming into heat due to the weather- Ours quit coming into heat until April thru August- she doesnt look far along if she is bred. We never see some of our bucks breed, but lo and behold-we get kids every year. Some goats just have a large rumen and appear pregnant year round- Can you get a closer pic of her bag??
I've had her since she was 6 months old, and she never gets a big belly unless she is pregnant. And actually the picture is very slimming for her, its bigger in person. She doesn't have a bag on her at all really.
She looks like she could be part Nubian.....but I'm no expert!
It is could be she is having a "foe pregnacy". I had rabbit that got bred by a guiniepig and she swelled right up! then about three weeks later she went back to normal. Ive heard of simialar things happening to horses

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