Could someone PLEASE help me? Chick with bad legs!

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    I posted this in the chick section but no one seemed to answer me...I am desperate here!
    concern at this point is that he is not improving despite vitamins. His poop looked normal yesterday, but he hasn't pooped since and refuses to eat or drink. He is still alive but I am afraid he is going to simply starve to death and that is an awful way to die. [​IMG] Does anyone know what can be done? Should I simply end his life so he does not continue to suffer? He is currently in his own bin in the house, on a towel with ow dishes of food and water but he is not interested. He will peep occasionally but mostly he just sits there... [​IMG]
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    Apr 11, 2011
    I'm sorry you haven't gotten many responses to your post. And I'm sorry about your poor baby [​IMG] does he seem to be in pain if you touch him or when he walks? If he is eating on his own, maybe you could make him a little sling that would keep him upright. You should be able to find directions on how to make them if you look for them through the search bar. If he isn't eating on his own you could syringe feed him a mash (crumbles and water- soupy enough to go through the syringe). Did he hatch/ come to you this way or was it sudden? That would help determine if he's been injured or has some kind of deficiency. Hope he feels better soon!
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    May 16, 2011
    Did this just start all of a sudden?

    It might be Marek's Disease.

    it is one leg that sticks out....but it effects every bird differently.
    The weak legs, sticking out is what has me worried....Unfortunately there is no cure and it is highly contagious to any bird that has come in contact with the infected bird.
    The link will give you more information on it.

    Not saying that it is this...but it seems like it could be a good chance that it might be....the only real way to know for sure is an autopsy at time of death [​IMG]
    Aslo look at the feather folicles to see if you see bumps or swelling. (may or may not have.)
    Drop wing that comes and goes is another sign.

    Sorry for your sick chick...

    Best Wishes,
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    It wasn't too sudden...we noticed he seemed *off kilter* a bit on Sunday, and its been down hill since. I separated him so his siblings wouldn't trample him. He is only 7-9wks(I am not sure dates are akew as I have 3 sets of new chicks all diff. ages) but isn't that young for Mareks? Plus he has never been outside, he is in a controlled environment. I lost 3 chickens to what I *think* was Mareks last year, and though the symptoms are similar, they were much older(about 5 mo.) I got him and 5 others from someone i trust from BYC and all the other chicks are perfectly fine and thriving. They were in with another 6 chicks from a hatchery(Ideal, I think?) and are also all thriving and doing well.

    He won't drink, but this morning he did poop again(normal) and ate a little on his own...we have low dishes in there for him so he can eat laying down. I gave him another dose of vitamins and he tried to stand, was wobbly for about 3-4 seconds then back down again. Once my other birds had Mareks, and the disease progressed, they never could stand again. He seems very calm, and not in pain...he panics when you pick him up, which I am thinking is due to him being so unstable, but I have felt his legs etc and he seems to be pain I can tell. Not breathing heavy/panting, etc. I am just at a loss, as I am still a relative newbie at this...only had chickens for a few years and aside from our issue last year(chicks I got from someone else and I am pretty positive they came to us sick) my birds and their hatchlings have always been healthy. [​IMG]
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    Oh, no dropped wing...he uses his wings to stabilize himself and they seem to be ok...

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