Could these be sex linked?

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    So this morning, my first time broody hatched 3 of her own eggs. The babies are lavender orpington over black sex link. 2 of the babies are black with white bellies and butts. The other baby is black with a brown face. Would it be possible for a BSL hen to hatch sex link babies? I checked their wing feathers and according to that they are all pullets. I raised both mama and daddy from day-olds and he was very slow to feather, and she feathered super fast. Here's some pictures, maybe someone can help.
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    No, the chicks are not sex linked - additionally, the wing feather sexing technique will not be accurate for them either as that, too, is a sex linked characteristic that is created through specially selected crosses using slow and fast feathering breed parents. ETA - the difference in feathering rate of the parent birds is not the same as the genetics involved in creating feather sexable chicks, rather simply a function of the fact that generally speaking cockerels feather in more slowly than pullets (not the same as the feather development of the wing feathers)
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    General rule of thumb--you can't use a sex link to make a sex link.

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