Could use opinions from 4H showers!!

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    In about two weeks I am going to be the showmanship judge for the FFA at the State fair. I have had years of showing experience myself, but I cannot for the life of me remember a lot of the stuff the judged asked me! (Pretty sad since I took grand champion 2 out of the 4yrs I showed...).

    I have three classes to judge: Novice, Junior, and Senior.

    I would love some advice on what to ask each class, and how to have them handle their birds for me (So far all I have them doing to showing me the keel, wings, etc..).

    Also: any one have any good tips on how to put together a score sheet?

    If you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PM me the advice it'd be great. I wouldn't want any of my potential showers to read this and have an unfair advantage. [​IMG]
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