Could worms cause pale egg yolks

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    For about 2 weeks my hens have been laying eggs that the yolk is very pale, worse than store bought eggs!!!! I have been giving them some green stuff when i can find it. They are free range to, but the grass is burned up due to it being 105 for 4 weeks and no rain. When they first started laying they didnt get as much veg. and the yolk was orange. Can having worms cause pale yolks?[​IMG]
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    I don't know about the worms. Worms do cause weight loss, and I recently wormed mine because they were looking really thin.

    Give your chickens treats high in beta carotene. (dark greens, cantaloupe, etc) Even though we have no grass around right now, they are getting my scraps from my garden and cantaloupe rinds. I don't have any issue with my yolks. (and didn't before I wormed them either)
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    Here's a couple thoughts.


    Platinum yolks (colorless yolks)
    Possible infection (causative agent
    Antibiotics. (200 gm auremycin and 2 lbs NF-180 per
    ton of feed for seven days.)

    Colorless yolks
    Lack of xanthophyll
    Consideration should be given to the source of
    xanthophyll such as yellow corn meal, alfalfa leaf
    meal, etc​
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    If your are feeding them the feed will cause pale yolks compared to free ranging. Since you have lost most of your greenery you will have to supply them with greens like kale and such to get orangy yolks again.
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    Imp if mine ever start laying they should have deep yellow yolks. They get alfalfa leaves every day as a treat. They just love them.

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