Couldn’t find one of my turkeys this morning

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Jbum, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Jbum

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    Apr 10, 2019
    Mid Michigan
    Missing from the brooder I thought “well how the hell did he get out?” After looking through the garage and calling out to him “like some idiot thinking he would answer” or at least come out of where ever he was. I looked the brooder over again and was certain he didn’t get out. Then I thought no way! But sure enough I lifted the lid to the feeder and low and behold there he was snoozing away inside the feeder bucket. Wish I would have gotten a picture of that! So the feeder I made needed to accommodate the ducks as well which grew 10 times faster but I never thought one of the chicks or Turks could get it like that. It was getting low on food so maybe that’s how he could fit. But he’s all fine and I will be sure to keep the feeder topped off till they are to big to crawl back in. Here is the feeder bucket set up.

    C6F5B8FB-809F-45BF-B815-549752069AE9.jpeg 0A8B48A5-F981-4FA3-9874-C7E46BC7E7D6.jpeg 00F9E536-0B97-4507-9DBF-55DFBEB619D3.jpeg 6BD25A8E-4FF7-40D6-B907-C53A80C505E9.jpeg 733F86CF-DF14-459E-9301-6A0990E712A1.jpeg 2AFDCFD6-62F9-49C2-B0D8-271782DB6D74.jpeg 1D38C4EB-6C77-41A3-83CA-70965EB919A3.jpeg

    And here is Thanksgivn “Mr Trouble bronze” him self. Always pecking at the chicks and running.


    Thanks for looking

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  2. casportpony

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    Thanks for sharing your story, and glad you little turkey is okay!
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  3. Chick-N-Fun

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    Jun 26, 2014
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    Phew! Glad your little fella is a safe and sound. Great story! Thanks for sharing!
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  4. Callender Girl

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    Poultry -- more entertaining than television!! And, more dramatic!

    Glad he's okay; thanks for the photos. Is it me, or does he have an ornery look in his eye?
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  5. Jbum

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    Apr 10, 2019
    Mid Michigan

    No that’s nothing but mischief in his eyes! Lol
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