couldn't move my what will happen?


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May 4, 2008
Hi all! This is my first time with a broody on a clutch. I placed the eggs under her (6) on 2/28, so we're getting near hatch date. She is in a nest box about 4 feet up. Under the nest box (on the floor) is a thick layer of hay. intention was to relocate her, which I attempted yesterday. I set her up her own area, made a nest box, put the eggs inside....and she wanted nothing to do with it! I left her alone for 15 minutes (watching through the window) and all she did was pace at the chicken wire. So...I put the eggs back in the nest box and she hopped right up to sit on them! What do you think will happen? Anyone else have eggs hatch out up high like this? How long after hatching do the chicks start exploring (thus risking a fall). I hope to try and monitor things and move the broody and her babies after the hatch, just worried that I'm going to miss something. I did one thing...I brought in one egg and placed it in the incubator, that way I can monitor it and when I see a pip/zip I'll know the other eggs might be starting. This is soooo stressful! Anyone with any ideas?


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I built mine a ramp. (Built! LOL) I put a 2x4 at the edge of the nest so the chicks could walk down. It worked great. Oh yeah....yay chicks!!


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Leave her be at this point. I say if you are going to move a broody you do it EARLY on, and then give her the eggs you want her to hatch.

When I was a kid we had game hens would would nest in holes of haystacks one nest was over 7 feet off the ground. About the time they were to hatch we put a few hay bales under the nest so the fall would only be 2 or 3 feet each time and the chicks all did great.... but there was hay on the ground so it made for a softer landing.

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