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    I was wandering when do most country fair's start? I've heard that the fair kids will pay more for your chickens. But, I wouldn't know who to even tell that I have chickens for sale?. And how old of chickens do they want? Do they have to be full blooded breeds? And what about ducks?

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    Many fairs have sale cages available for people who have birds entered in the show. Good news is that it often only costs a couple dollars and you only have to enter one bird to be eligible to sell at the fair.
    Make sure the your birds are healthy and free of mites or lice.

    Here is a site that has info on fairs in the U.S.:

    You can also often rent sale cages at poultry show here are some sites with info about upcoming shows in different areas:

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    I just picked up a flier for a local county fair in August. Can't wait to go check out the chickens...this is the first time I'll be going to a county fair for something other than a corndog!!!! [​IMG] Well, I did go last year and volunteered to sell tickets for my local art group fund raiser, but I never saw anything other than the inside of the ticket booth!
    Really, only other county fair I've been to was in Pomona, CA, over 30 years ago [​IMG]. All I remember is the corndogs LOL, and that I paid $5 and picked out a clam from a big tank...won a big black pearl! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Oh man,the Pomona fair ! WOW one of my best childhood memories....grew up in Hacienda Heights Calif...........miss the beach,mountains.....thats about it.thanks for the memory...............

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