County Fair to sell beer?

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    May 16, 2007
    Central Ohio

    was in our paper. My kids show at this fair and my wife and I are 4H advisers. It's a small youth oriented show/fair. The local businesses really support the kids and it still has that old-time feel to it. Now to make a couple of extra dollars, the fair board wants to have a beer garden. This is the first we have heard of this. It's not like we are out of the loop. If it wasn't for the sheriff, my guess is they wouldn't have bothered to tell anyone until the start of the fair. Boy, it's going to be standing room only at the next board meeting.
    LUCY!! You got some 'splaning to do!
  2. I haven't read your link yet...I will after posting...(I know it's kinda backwards!!!!)
    I just wanted to say....Every single fair I have ever went to....when I was a child and even now as a parent there has been a beer garden....
    The towns I grew up in....Not even on the map had beer tents at there fairs. Bigger towns had beer tents, Large towns had been tents....

    My kids show animals in our local fair through 4-H and there is a beer tent...It is actually kitty corner from the 4-H animal building...

    I am not saying good or bad here. I am just stating what I have exsperienced through other fairs....I honestly have never been to a fair (nor heard of one) that didn't have a beer tent/garden/pavillion.

    Ok...Now I will go and read the link....
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    I will bet the Beer Garden is "standing room only" too!
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    I grew up with the same experience as Run-A-Muck. every fair, regardless of size or purpose, had a beer garden. NEVER a problem. I think fairs, by nature, tend to have more fun-loving people.

    But, if this has never happened before at your particluar fair, I can understand your hesitancy. Especially not being consulted.
  5. yotetrapper

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    May 3, 2007
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    Yup I've never heard of a fair without a beer tent either, except in dry counties.
  6. Ok I just read the article....

    I am not saying a beer garden is a must or a must not....But to me it's just the way it has always been around here(and fairs I have been too). Our local town has an annual street dance beer garden there. A fair with a beer garden and even a firemans ball with a beer garden.
    Now the township I actually live in is a 'dry' township. I don't know of anything they ever have going on in the terms of a fair or anything. So if the township your fair is in is a dry one, then I can understand the issues. I guess I don't know of any fair committees going door to door asking the residents of a town if they would like a beer tent at the fairs or not. But it might have been mentioned at a town meeting that not everyone attends....

    Again...I can understand concern....But at the same time as far as I know it's almost like breathing to have a beer tent at a fair/carnival.....JMO
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    Mar 27, 2008
    Well there is a first time for everything....
  8. momma's chickens

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    We also have a beer garden at our fair, it is outside the railroad tracks so it is not in the middle of the fair, but definitely in eyesight. I don't drink, but I don't think there is anything wrong with having one. It has been that way for a long time.

    Just my 2 opinion.
  9. inudat12

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    I've been to several county fairs and they are no beer gardens. Street fairs are another story.

    My thoughts are there are enough opportunities for people to drink and drive, why give them another.

    Who lives in the heart of it all
  10. MayberrySaint

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    Mar 7, 2007
    Mount Airy, NC
    Where I grew up in Pennsylvania there were beer tents at the county fair, but not here in the Bible Belt...[​IMG]

    Nothing like getting on the "zipper" or "tilt-a-whirl" after a few beers...[​IMG]

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