Couple of questions... the chicks are coming soon!


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Mar 19, 2007
Spotsylvania, Virginia
Hello all,

Well, I went in with 5-6 other folks on a chick order and they are supposed to show up soon - maybe this week. With that, I'm trying make sure I'm ready for them. I'm getting 5 chicks - three orpingtons and 2 australorps and I have a feeder and a plastic waterer and a brooder light - I'm going to get the red bulbs for it this week.

Going to pick up the pine shavings, a thermometer and some feed too.

My two questions (at least for now) are:

1. I've got a 100-gallon rubbermaid trough that we aren't using in the fields anymore. It is pretty large. Was considering using this for the chicks initially. Thoughts on this? I thought it might make a convenient place to keep them until they are bigger and/or can live outside.

2. We'll probably go to Tractor Supply to get the supplies. They carry, evidently, NutriSource
"Chick Grit Feed" and Dumor "20% Starter/Grower Chick Feed" - at least according to the website. Haven't made it to the store yet. Any thoughts on this?

I'd grab extra feeder/waterer incase you need to set up a hospital brooder for sick/injured or weak chick/ a just in case.

Also an extra lamp/bulbs or two as a just incase, also.

Learned the above first hand last May with my first day olds.

Hope this helps!

Sounds like a good start! Dawn has a good point too. Even cardboard box will work as an emergency care unit. Good luck, have fun and post pictures!!

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