Couple of sad stories. Seems to be the story of my life lately.

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  1. We were getting ready for DS's ballgame the other eve., and there was a knock on the door. Pretty lady in scrubs standing there all teary eyed and looking at DH's backhoe. She introduced herself and said that she noticed we had a backhoe. I said yes, but it wasn't running exactly right and while DH could use it at our house, it wasn't road ready. She got even more teary eyed, and by which this time I was beginning to wonder what the . . .and she said, "well, my llama just died and I need someone to bury him". This is the family that has goats and llamas and horses. I even went up to their house one day and knocked to tell them my shearer was coming through for the Alpacas, and he would be glad to shear those Llamas. Can you imagine my surprise when she said he had died from heat and they had him in the barn for two days pouring ice on him and keeping him cool, because the true owner thinks its "unnatural" to shear them. It's not "green". I saw red, and said you need to tell the true owner to put on a wool coat and wear it all summer and see how it feels to these fleece animals!!!! She agreed, was devastated and I gave her the name of a fellow just a few miles away who had a backhoe and would probably bury the poor fellow cheap. I always wanted to meet them, because she is from Las Vegas and was a Vet Tech out there for 18 years. I know how she felt knowing she had to do what the owner wanted, and not what she knew was best. She told me they don't bury the goats either, the owners feel like its more "green" to just DUMP THEM OVER THE FENCE." I was appalled because that is about as far from green as I would want to get and I think of the flow of water and its direction and feel sort of green myself. . .for once am glad we now have city water. They told her burying the Llama would not be "green" and "was probably againest the law". Where do these people come from!!!!

    I had an Alpaca go down Saturday evening, from the heat and got her through that, and then her mom went down about 10:30. She appeared to be in Labor, but after my mentor and friend came over from Mo., we loaded her up in my little Honda Civic and away we went to the U of I for help. She died about 12:00 Sunday noon, after an emergency c-section. Seller had her down as being bred exactly 365 days earlier, and the fetus was 6 months, if that. Both had to be put to sleep. No idea what happened to the mother, but it appears to be something intestinal and bacterial. Still waiting for the necropsy report. I am devastated, to say the least. Third animal I have lost in the past 5 weeks, not a good way to start the summer for sure.Makes me paranoid about the others, and not sure if I want to continue in the Alpaca business. I know its part of it, but these were $$ animals and I was just getting my money put together for insurance on them, and the deaths came first. Sometimes, I would just like to crawl in a hole and pull it in after me.
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    [​IMG] I'm so sorry.
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    [​IMG], I am sorry to hear of your losses. It is hard to lose our faithful friends.
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    I'm sorry for the sadness around you right now. I am sending you happiness vibes [​IMG]
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    I am so sorry for your losses [​IMG]

    My mom, sister and I tried to go into alpacas several years ago and bought two for a starter herd. We had someone come over and shear them and then one died that day and the other not long after that. I have no idea what happened... if it was stress, heat or what. I just don't think they have the right constitution to deal with heat. [​IMG]
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    So sorry to hear.DH has alway's loved the Alpaca's and alway's wanted to get mating pair.I guess even with experienced people thing's can happen with larger livestock.Lot's of thing's to think about like if one were to die how to bury it if you don't own large farm equipment etc.It's sad to think about but sometime's it dose happen.I will definately rethink on them if I ever did decide to get any but I think I have way too much right now with the bird's and the grandson.So sorry you lost your's Hugggzzzz.I get really attached to my bird's and it just kill's me when I lose any.Hope thing's go better for you.
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    So sorry. [​IMG]
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    May God give you peace and joy. [​IMG]
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    So sorry for your loss. I know i am always worried about my llamas and my Alpaca in the Florida heat. I have one of those large kiddy pools and they take turns with the emu laying in it. They don't look to pretty afterward, but they seem to enjoy it....... It is always hard to lose an animal, especially when you don't know the cause.

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