Coure D' Alene IDAHO!

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    Apr 27, 2011
    North Idaho
    im a new member completly absorbed into the information in this sight!!
    im from Moscow idaho and moved in the coure d alene area for about 6 years now.
    im really happy i dont see very many negative comment replys just corrections.
    anyways i have 57 birds and they are all very different in age.
    i only have about 12 that are acual pets tho the rest are for eggs and dinner.
    i have 20 week old RIR and Barred rocks that have not yet started to lay.. starting to be inpationt about it. [​IMG]
    i just hatched my first chick under a broody chicken and she okay as a mother but not as i think a mother chick would be i feel like im out there every 30 mins making sure my little one is getting water she took him out of the nest yesterday and will not go back. its just to hot for the little guy.. [​IMG] i love my chickens i free range because they are just so much happier. my older hens are about 19 months old and slowed down in production im worried about them not laying. does anyone know why im not seeing more then 5 on adv. a day? most days i only get 3 it got really hot and they started to lay under my coop but i havent found any for days. they dont have bugs i check them weekly and i dewormed them about a month ago. i feel like im hitting a wall here [​IMG] my darn chickens. i give them (my egg not chickens) to people around here that cant afford lots so im really hurting for eggs [​IMG]
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    Nov 19, 2008

    Not a native of Idaho, but live here now.

    Probably your older gals have never stopped laying to molt? If so they may very well be preparing to due to some shorter days and cooler nights. Your younger ones should be starting any day now though which should help.

    It's great that you share your eggs like that (when you have them).

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