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    Apr 15, 2011
    Well, it happened again. I found myself wandering through land sale sites. Does looking out the back window into a smog filled small yard make anyone else want to cry? 'Cause that's where I'm at.
    Husband and I are playing around with aquaponics this year to get a taste of what that sort of system is like, and to do what we can with our yard and house as far as gardening goes. It does help a great deal in making our current urban square more cozy.
    The plan is to move to five acres once my sweetheart finishes his computer classes. We're mainly thinking TX or TN right now (the *only* problem with TN is that I have a burning phobia of ticks. [​IMG] VA just about killed me with the ticks, and TN is even worse. Holy cripes, they have a T.I.C.K. health committee even! Why? WHY?!).
    Then, if we like that sort of lifestyle, and if we are competent enough at it, we hope to move to something more akin to 100 acres.
    Farming isn't the main income for us, as we both have jobs and are undergoing schooling for yet other jobs that can apply to rural areas, so that gives us a little more wiggle room to figure things out at least. We also don't intent to farm all 100 acres if we get to that point, as we have other wildlife and animal uses in mind.

    This just about knocked the breath out of me:
    http://www.landwatch.com/McNairy-County-Tennessee-Farms-and-Ranches-for-sale/pid/200001355 (The land that is. The interior of the house is something I would personally...alter for sure. Deer heads staring at you en masse just aren't my thing!)
    If things are actually as described as far as spring and water sources go...man, that is just stunning to me! It makes me want to stamp my feet like a two year-old asking for a birthday pony going, "I WANT, I WANT!!!"

    But for now...time for me to get back to work in our two square feet of prime smog real estate.

    How did people here who aren't from farming families get started on your path to land? What are some of the things you are glad you did, and what did you wish you had done? Do you rely entirely on farming or not for your livelihood? How did you go about choosing your land, and what sort of questions did you ask/wish you had asked when buying? Feel free to share photos, stories, experience, etc. Basically, let me be a tick living vicariously off of you and your land while I hack out a lung or two. XD

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    Wow! That farm looks great! I'm with you on the deer heads - hopefully the sellers take those when they move! I'd feel like I was being watched, all the time.

  3. punk-a-doodle

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    Apr 15, 2011
    *Snort* Imagine trying to eat venison with that lot staring you down. X)
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    Aug 12, 2009
    I love looking at properties. I can not believe what you can buy these days compared to back in 2005 when we were looking. I use united country or lands of america or land and farm.

    We have ticks here in Ohio.Here in my yard. I let the dogs roam and get them off the dogs.

    I see a lot of the cabin properties with the deer heads and animal skins on the walls.To each their own. I would remove them too.
    It is interesting to see the photos of a person's home interior when they are selling it. I always tried to make things perfect and super clean,but boy some are just in a hurry I guess to post the sale pictures!

    I have found a lot of listings for Missouri.Dh drives through there,but I don't know a thing about that place. I want a place with some woods and a spring.

    One thing I will always ask about now is a recent survey.If there is none I will split the cost for one. It stinks to buy a place and find out your neighbors driveway,shed,septic,or house corner is encroaching! Visit after a hard rain to see how the land floods...and the house.
    Inspect for termites and carpenter ants among other pests. The general home inspection often does not cover looking for bug damage.Also,don't count on the home inspection 100%.Inspect yourself,and bring friends and family. Sad,but people cover things up well,and inspectors often have a clause that protects them if they miss something.

    I would not buy land that is seperated by a road either.I found a nice place in AL,but the thought of 2 acres across the road from my other 8 would drive me nuts. I like to fence in all of my land.

    Happy hunting! Sorry for typos.No time to correct them.
  5. I love it. Now if I could only win the lotto!talk about the ability for total self sufficiency...

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