Cowardly ducklings scared to death of my adult Pekin

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    Hi everyone! Long time reader of BYC but never posted before. I'll try to make my story as short as possible to get to my actual question!
    Last spring I had a very unfortunate incident with a fox. He murdered 5 of my chicken babies (2mo), they were in the barn...the jerk was brave enough to come INTO the barn to get them. And 10 of my adult ducks, all that I'd raised from hatchlings- one I'd raised from a baby and he'd just turned 9 [​IMG] - in broad daylight while they were out swimming in our stream between our house and the barn. It was devastating. The ones that survived were 10 chickens and 1 Pekin/Buff drake (1yr old), Penny. After the fox incident Penny was moved from the barn into our chicken coop to live with the girls. He gets along great with them and seems to think he's one of them.

    In June I got 11 Ancona ducklings (5days old when they arrived to me). I have hand raised them, they spent their first couple weeks in our mudroom and then were moved into our back yard where they spent their days in a playpen we built them. They were quickly outgrowing their playpen and finally last weekend we finished their new permanent home. A good sized shed (converted into a hen house at one time) that we converted it into a night time home for the babies and a large fenced yard next to our house where they have 2 swimming ponds. Early on we had decided we didn't want to over populate our hen house/chicken coop with the new babies. Although our coop is very large the hen house would be crowded at night. Also I really wanted the babies to be closer to the house where I could always have my eye on them.

    They are currently 8weeks old and absolutely LOVE their new home! My husband and I would like to move Penny (the earlier mentioned Pekin/Buff drake) with the babies. Penny is happy with the girls in the coop but he doesn't have a pond to swim in and I think he would be much happier with other ducks, especially being able to have a pond to swim in again.

    The problem is the babies are TERRIFIED of Penny. We tried to introduce them slowly- for the first day we had Penny in a small hen house/coop (where the babies originally slept...perfect size for a duck, too small for 11 ducklings, lol) that is inside the babies yard. They seem fine with him in there but the minute we let him out Penny was so excited and happy to see other ducks he ran to be with them. In which, they ran AWAY from him. This proceeded for about 30 min where I couldn't take it anymore and put Penny back in the little hen house. My babies are soooo afraid of Penny and poor Penny is so happy just wants to be with them. I don't know what to do! Do I keep trying to make it work??? And if so, does anyone have any suggestions?!!? Or do I just put Penny back with the hens where he was content before and everyone seemed happier????
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    When you say Penny ran to be with them, was he acting like he wanted to mate with any of them or what? Other than him trying to mate and they aren't ready, you just have to give it time. what I'd do is get something they really like to eat. peas dried mealworms etc and toss them all over the ground while you can be with them. That way they are more interested in eating then who's close to whom, it's going to take time and patience but if you go about it slowly they will become 1 flock. [​IMG]

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