Coyote last night

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    Aug 13, 2013
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    Well we got a visit I've been dreading - by a coyote last night [​IMG]- got one of the turkeys from the temporary pen.[​IMG] Our turkeys are fighting like crazy and draw blood so there was a tom and a hen in the temporary pen. Pen is plenty stout but apparently the coyote pushed the door IN. Took the little turkey hen pushing the door out - left a few feathers around but haven't found anything else. The tom turkey never went out of the pen even with the door open - guessing he was a bit scared. SO I've spent the day shoring up the door (after taking DH to dr), putting down some predator pee (wolf) and making sure the coop and coop run was secure. I expect to have another visit tonight.[​IMG] I'll be checking often. Just wasn't what I needed to wake up to this morning!
  2. Sorry about your turkey. I lived in Buckeye for a spell and the coyotes do like to return night after night to the same spot if they know there is a food source for them. Keep a vigilant eye until about a couple hours past sundown when they are most active. Get one for me if you so desire. [​IMG] They are persistent. Coyotes are nearly impossible to trap.

    Wish ya the best.

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