coyote? racoon? neighbors dog? help!


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Dec 18, 2010
My husband and I had 6 black jersey giants since they were chicks. ( we dont have children so im crazy in love with all our animals) I loved them so much I went and rescued 2 ISA browns from a bad farm and have been nursing them back to health since.

We nornally let the Giants free range during the day and lock them up at sundown. Tonight we had dinner at my inlaws and didnt get home until after 8.. I went staight out to check for eggs one last time and lock them in... but heard something run off in the cornfield next to us and found the dead bodies of four of my giants all around the coop and there were feather all over inside :( there was one poor little hen huddled in the coop alone so I scooped her up and moved her into the shed where I was keeping the ISA browns. my husband found the rooster barely alive by the corn field and put him down dor me. :(

They were still warm so it must have JUST happened.We live out in the country and have had racoons around the coop and possum bit we caught them in live traps and got rid of them which stopped that problem for a long time. I just think its wierd that whatever it was killed ALL of them (almost) and broke their necks, pulled put feathers... but not a single one was eaten at all... What animal would do that? Any ideas? Our neghbors dog is too often in our yard and does damage to the landscaping but has never so much as barked at pur dogs or chased after the cat...

Sorry this is like a book! I live in tge country but work in the city and most of my friends dobt understand why i would want chickens in the first place let alone be upset when they die :(
I'm sorry for your loss :(

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