Coyote Trapping ***WARNING-graphic pics inside-WARNING***

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    Coyotes have been around for years. Many of our forefather's made a decent living running a trapline. These days most trappers have a regular job in order to make a living. This thread is to explore what HUMANE trapping is all about.

    If you are against trapping, please EXIT THIS THREAD NOW. The information & pics are not going to be to your liking.

    Trapping is not legal in all states & provinces. Most require you to obtain a license to trap.

    A key to successful trapping is to use the correct trap for the job. A trap should be large, powerful and fast enough to catch the coyote that activates it.

    For best results, chose a No. 3 coil-spring trap with a jaw spread of about 6 inches.


    You should check traps daily to prevent any undo suffering to your targets. Dispatch them humanely using the appropriate firearm. Try to do as little damage as possible to the pelt.



    must be attended daily.
    must be made of metal with smooth or rubber jaws.
    must be labeled with the user's name and address.
    must not be set in paths made or used by people or domestic animals.
    When trapping, be sure to:

    get permission before setting traps on a neighbor's property.
    notify all neighbors in the area of the location of traps and ask their cooperation in keeping their pets away from the traps.

    Depending on type & condition, coyote pelts are selling from a high of $40-$45 to a low of $10-$15. A lot of the value depends on the quality of preparing/tanning of the hide.

    This guy obviously had a good season...

    Tips on skinning & tanning can be found here...

    Coyote is NOT an endangered species, so the next time to have to dispatch a nuisance coyote that is after your poultry or livestock consider preserving the pelt. Wasting the fur just does not make good sense. You could always have a coat made if you harvest enough of them.

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    Holy cow, he did have a good season. Around here, they prey on the little lambs, calves, everything is giving birth this time of year and they thrive on it. The farmers and ranchers do what they have to , to protect their flocks or herds or whatever they have. Now, a coyote coat, that is a new one on me. [​IMG]
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    Jan 26, 2008
    My dad used to run a trap line but quit when he cought his friend and his dog X0
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    nice coat! I coukld never set a trap as my moms b/f in not on the bright side. he will end up catching himself then a coyote or fox. Also with the amount of dogs running out of there owners house I dont want the liability of catching a dog. I got my trusty pellet gun the can go through a bores head. ASlso my girls are inside till spring.
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    My son will love this thread. I will show him when he gets home from school.

    My mom grew up in Upper New York State, and she has memories as a child of the men going out and hunting wolves. There are pictures of several wolves hanging from the trees. This still haunts her as an adult...her father took her out with him to see the wolves and left her sitting by herself for a short time.

    Now it is the coyotes that seem to be everywhere these days. They are being run out of their habitats with housing developments popping up everywhere. We can hear them calling in early morning...but they have very little places to hide anymore.
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    nice chicken killing for him/her..

    Here check this fellas catch out in pa from last year season 06-07

    Info on what nad when he caught
    1202 fox caught in 90 days
    1200 caught in 89 days
    1185 fox in picture
    11 fox threw away for mange
    6 fox threw away dog ripped
    9247 traps check in 90 days
    13 fox average a day for 90 days
    683 males
    519 females
    24 days with 20 or more fox a day
    Best day 34 fox-135 traps
    mabe best day 30 fox-90 traps
    worst day 0 fox 48 traps,only 0 day this year
    skinned 964 fox myself
    streched,and dried 888 fox myself
    best 8 strait day catch 210 fox-1178 traps checked
    Best 7 strait day fox catch 187 fox-1043 traps checked.
    Also caught:
    16 mink
    50 muskrats
    58 possum
    68 coon
    21 skunk
    2 coyote

    more pic's of his catch here
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    Coyote for a coat is not odd at all. did you know alot of the fur on coats made that come china have dog fur used on them? It made me do a double take when looking at coats for my girls with fur trim. I don't want them dressed in chinese dog fur. However, the coyote coat would be completely acceptable.
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    Missprissy I bet you can cook something up with these guys LOL
  10. LittleChickenRacingTeam

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    WOW, that is a lot of red fox. My current issue of "Fur-Fish-Game" shows red fox pelt going for a high of $20-25 & a low of $12-15

    I'm guessing like a 1000 fox in that pic making his harvest worth $12,000 to $20,000. Who said there is no money in predator control. That would buy a lot of chicken feed, & some more chooks, and an incubator, and new feeders, and......

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